Books & Comments : We Agree! The Tomb Is Open, Christianity vs. Catholicism

Updated Book released May 2021, Hard Copies available at the Publisher Xulon Press and Major Vendors, check for reduced prices.

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Book Comments

I am enjoying your book, I read a little bit every day and I have found it very interesting. You have done a good job writing it. Hope it sells well for you as I am sure it will. - Kathy, a Christian friend

What a pleasant surprise! I answered the door thinking I didn't order anything, what could this be. I was so proud and happy to see a book written by you!! It is very interesting, good job writing. It sounds just like you. Thank you. - Phyllis, a Christian friend

Just want to 'Thank You' for thinking of us and sending us your book! It was quite a surprise but very much appreciated! I have started reading it & look forward to continuing reading! I was very impressed ~ beautiful job! - Carol, a Catholic relative

Thanks for sending your book ~ it looks like you put a lot of work into it. I did read the introduction but it will be awhile before I will read any more. I have a lot of reading to do for the community at this time. You already know that I would not agree with everything you have in the book ~ but that is all right! We all go to the Lord in the way that we know He is calling us and we try to stay faithful to His call! - Aunt B, a Catholic relative & 80+ yr. old Nun

I walked into my office this morning to a wonderful surprise. Thank you for the book. I am excited to read it. Congratulations on completing it and getting printed. - Mark, a Catholic friend

Thank you ~ and a special thanks too for sharing a copy of your book with me! - Dan, Catholic & a fellow staff member

Thank you for ~ newly published book, congrats ~ we have slowly been making our way through it. Sending prayers and thanks again! J & K, Catholic Relatives

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