Ten Key Doctrines - Biblical Faith

(Click on the number below for a scripture list or a more detailed explanation.)

[1]. There has been and only is One GOD. A God who has eternally existed in

Three Persons. A loving: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.


[2].  God’s written word is our first, only and final authority. We believe 

that God has miraculously preserved His word for His glory and purpose

through the ages and is contained in the English language King James Bible 1611.


[3].  All have sinned but a True, Living and Eternal Life with God can  begin

Now but it must be on God’s Terms. All will be resurrected. It’s Heaven or Hell!


[4].  The Gospel, the good news of the forgiveness of sin, the joy of new life

and the gift of eternal life, can only come by believing in Jesus according to

the scriptures, nothing else can or needs to be added.


[5].   Everyone is Welcome and Encouraged to Come to Jesus Without Cost

but you must leave your good works behind and humbly confess and repent of 

your sin. We are saved by God's grace, it is a gift.


[6].  You must be Born Again of the Holy Spirit through the word of God.


[7].  We are Redeemed by the sinless Jesus' innocent Blood    


[8]. God is the Creator of all things as recorded in Scripture, God’s written

word. God created in six individual, connected days and rested on the seventh; 

all was good. No death. No sin. In God’s time when all things are fulfilled, according

to the scriptures, God will create a new heaven and a new earth where death and

sin will be no more.


[9].  Roman Catholicism and Calvinism represent two extremes within

what’s called “Christendom”. Both reject scriptural teachings that salvation

is by God's grace, through a free will act of faith.

Both acknowledge Saint Augustine for major teachings.

We reject the doctrines of salvation by faith and good works, that man has

no free will and that once saved a saint or child of God, indwelt, sealed and

sanctified by the Holy Spirit, can lose their salvation. 


[10]  False Christians, in most cases, can be Easily Spotted.

Not everyone who claims to be a Christian  is, Proverbs 27:5.

True Christians should not be unequally yoked or involved in

ecumenical activities with false Christians or other Religions.


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